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State Of The Coop Letter
 Lead Hen, Pepper
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Friends,
My name is Pepper and I am the lead hen at the Newman Bluffs Farm in Spokane. I am a 5  year old black and white speckled Wyandotte and my eggs are noted by their oblong shape and light taupe color...when I lay them...I'm more or less in henopause now.

My job at Newman Bluffs is to ensure that my divas are happy and productive… And I can assure you that they are.


In fact, my girls are so "up on life" that we'd like to offer you a renewable piece of ourselves.

It all starts with the farm's owners, Dr. Shute, his family, and the beautiful spot in the Palouse that we call "home." You see, we are not a bunch of nameless, sweatshop chicks who pop out eggs before we lose our existence to a fry pan. Oh no! Our dignity is much more than just laying eggs. We are family members and our lot in life is to happily exist with fresh air, exercise, and a vegetarian diet. We eat lots of alfalfa, grain, and crushed oyster shell. In fact, we are cageless range girls when the weather is good and, in the bitter cold, we live in a clean, spacious, heated coop with all the amenities. During the day we strut, cluck, coo, and dance. We always have healthy food, plenty of clean water, a straw floor, and tidy nests too.  Many of us have names and are glad to offer our personal contribution to you. Our eggs are hand picked, washed, and placed in new or customer-recycled cartons. When you receive a carton of our eggs, you will note that they are of various shapes, colors, and sizes. There's no discrimination and we cheer. Not only do we provide delicious, fresh eggs, but we also offer powerful nutrients that help turbo-grow vegetables and fruits on the farm.

 Newman Bluffs Farm Fresh EggsI can assure you that our local eggs are free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, and anything that is weird or unnatural. We eat nothing that comes from animal byproducts either, other than a bug here and there. Brian won't have it and neither will we. Sure it costs more to raise, feed, and keep us as part of the family…but we are worth it.

And that's why our eggs are full of protein, taste "eggier," and have brilliant, perky yellow yokes. Just wait until you taste them! Our gourmet eggs are wonderful in omelets, quiches, baked goods, or just fried or scrambled. They are wonderful hardboiled, parboiled, and poached too. The best part is that you, me, and the girls are a part of sustainable farming, the local unprocessed food chain, and our ecologic community.

Sometimes it's tough to supply everyone who wants our eggs. We are unmanipulated products of Mother Nature and we ask for understanding and patience and loyal dedication.

So there you have it…our life at the Newman Bluffs Farm. We are absolutely honored to be a part of your healthy diet. Thanks and please come back soon!

                                                                                                    Sincerely,                                                                                                                                   Pepper

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