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Farm Fresh Food


Located in the Spokane area, the Newman Bluffs Farm raises natural, free range Tasty Newman Bluffs Eggseggs, vegetables, and fruits. Our chickens are raised only for their eggs and they are tasty indeed! Hens on the farm are roaming, range girls who consume local grains (wheat, barley, peas, canola, alfalfa), breathe fresh air, and get lots of exercise. Each bird is treated humanely and more like a living creature with specific needs and interests (no, they cannot come in the house, lol). Each of them have their unique personalities. Their eggs are packed with nutrients and contain zero steroids or antibiotics. They are hand gathered, washed, dried, and placed in cartons made from recycled consumer grade plastic.They are a delightful array of colors and dress up any refrigerator. Labels on the cartons are printed using water soluble inks and are bio-friendly. Dr. B has completed WSDA training in Avian Health and is knowledgeable in chicken husbandry and natural egg production. Newman Bluffs eggs are not "sweat shop eggs," but are desirable and available directly from the farm.  We realize that cheap food is important to many people. But honestly, there is a cost to responsible farming and consumption. While recently chatting with a consumer, she alerted me that she could purchase eggs far cheaper at Costco. I agreed with her. Whatever the case, to create a more eco-conscious environment, we strive to produce local food that can be consumed, enjoyed, and delivered back to our geographical region.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Read Pepper's State of the Coop Letter

Newman BluDelicious Peaches ffs veggies, herbs, and fruits are tasty too. We use powerful nutrients that are naturally turbocharged with nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. These nutrients are made from aged, composted materials that originate on the farm and, in turn, fortify the soil. Rich with earthworm activity and other beneficial organisms, our soils grow delicious produce that include: herbs, tomatoes, squash, corn, onions, peaches, apricots, apples, Asian pears, Italian plums, and cherries.

 Newman Bluffs Vegetables Growing  Austin and Snick  Pepper, Lead Hen at the Bluffs. Click Coop Letter below

Photos: Pepper, Lead Hen; Austin and Snick; Vegetable Patch; Fresh Peaches; Eggs

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